MoGrace is founded and based on the Grace of God. When a couple’s marriage begins to fall apart or a man’s lust gets out of control, they tend to believe that God has left them. The darker it becomes, the relationship they have with God becomes darker as well.

            The truth is God is never closer than when life falls apart, and His Grace and Mercy is greater than ever!

I saw my first pornographic image when I was 12 years of age! The images jumped off the page and straight into my mind. As I grew older I struggled with low self-esteem, lack of intimacy, and abandonment. Fantasy became my escape; the porn somehow seemed to offer a relief from everyday life. Little did I know that it was leading me down a long path of shame, guilt, and despair.

The struggle carried on into my marriage and my ministry. My marriage began to suffer from my anger, lack of control, and inner despair. Soon Melody discovered my struggle with lust. Things in my life got to the point where one day I came home to an empty house and a note on the table. The note was a cry for me to get things right before everything would go really wrong.

I did get things right and our marriage began to grow. We learned how to deal with our struggles of conflict, communication and all the things that cause struggle in a marriage. Through the years, Melody and I have counseled hundreds of couples on how they could build a great marriage as well.

We have two sides to our ministry. For married couples, we developed a proven program that leads couples to build a “Fail Proof Marriage”. We have also developed a program for men struggling with lust and pornography.

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