Is your marriage Fail Proof? It can be!

We have identified 6 key areas that can help build your marriage to the point you know it will last. Through local counseling, live online counseling and our Marriage Intensives we have been able to teach hundreds of couples how to enhance or even restore their relationships.

We cover the following topics:

Module 1: A Dynamic Oneness

In this first module we discover God’s plan and design for marriage. God planned to take two totally different people and create a bond between them that will last forever.

Module 4. Give Him What He Needs the Most

Wives will learn that treating their husband with respect can help him become a stronger man and the leader of your home.

Module 2: Love Me, My Way

Ever feel like you are telling and showing your spouse that you love them, but they just don’t understand? Here you will learn how to speak in such a way, that your spouse totally gets it.

Module 5. Give Her What She Needs the Most

Husbands will learn how to treat their wives as their most valued and treasured gift from God.

Module 3: Talking and Talking It Out

There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate with each other. These principles will even help you argue, without hurting each other.

Module 6. Committed to Living Happily Ever After

Finding the source of transformation that is the foundation to build a Fail Proof Marriage

We have several ways to help marriages:



We provide many different Videos, Tip Sheets and other resources.


Couples Counseling

In person or live via online video.


Free Marriage Webinars

In person or live via online video.


Marriage Intensives

We work with churches to provide a fun and life changing weekend experience

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