Men’s Purity and Warrior Strong

We live in a society consumed by the lie that porn is acceptable, and sexual expression doesn’t have to be limited by rules. It even tells us that porn is healthy for us, yet studies prove it ruins true intimacy. The truth is it only offers an empty, isolated, and shame ridden life.

For the Christian man, the struggle is even greater because he knows he is living a double life. He strives to be a godly man and yet lust and sexual acting out consume him. This struggle soon drives him into isolation.

I know all too well the pain, shame and even loss that come from a sexual life that is out of control. I have experienced the fear of being discovered; the pain of almost losing family, and the weight of guilt and shame. If you are struggling, there is hope!

No man has to settle for maintenance, control or keeping count of how days he is “sober” from porn and lust. There are tools, steps and training, based on positive truths from the greatest source of wisdom. Freedom from bondage is a daily choice, a daily decision to restructure habits, focus, and beliefs.

Warrior Strong Actions to Freedom

Stop being a slave to sexual bondage and choose to live in freedom.

Discover the patterns and beliefs that have trapped you and replace them with truth.

Heal your damaged relationships with a life of authenticity and integrity.

End your cycles of secrecy and isolation by helping other men find freedom.

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